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This training has been approved by the Railroad Commission of Texas and is a joint collaboration between Texas811 and PEC Safety, in an effort to provide a basic understanding of safety principles when working around pipelines, as well as an in-depth look at Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 16, Part 1, Chapter 18.


PEC Safety produces safety training materials relative to oil and gas industry regulations as set forth by OSHA and other regulatory agencies to include the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and the Railroad Commission of Texas. Upon completion of this Texas811 Pipeline course, participants will gain awareness of:


  • What pipelines are used for in the oil and gas industry

  • The various ways pipelines transport materials

  • Regulations governing pipelines

  • How to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions by responding according to the operator's specifications

  • How pipelines are handled and installed in the oil and gas industry

  • Excavation safety

  • Appropriate safety measures and precautions and how to apply them to working with pipelines


Texas811 has long been recognized as the leader in damage prevention outreach efforts.  Because of our long term and ongoing relationship with the Railroad Commission of Texas’  Damage Prevention Team, we are able to give you an in-depth and concise look at the Chapter 18 Rules and how they should be applied and understood in your daily activities.

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